Welcome to my retro website! Party like it's 1999!

8/4/23 Working on a shrine page for ball-jointed dolls. Feel free to check out my other shrines!

7/3/23 Updating my website buttons so that they're smaller and match better. This should make the website easier to use on both computer and phone screens.

7/2/23 Pride month is over (and Disability Pride Month has just begun), but I'm talking about Rocky Horror Picture Show anyway.

6/16/23 Happy Pride, everyone! Even though it's summer, I've added a new essay for teachers.

5/13/23 I've done a bit of clean up, added a new song, and started a new story. Enjoy.

4/14/23 New review up! Fighting game fans, check out Them's Fightin' Herds!

Transmasculine Pride Webring

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