Welcome to my retro website! Party like it's 1999!

9/28/22 Added some more song lyrics, old and new. Debating changing my divider.

9/24/22 New review up: Bedlam's Bard.

8/8/22 Summer vacation is almost over! I celebrated by adding another story to the Original Fiction archive. I've also added a bunch more links to the Links page. Why not check them out?

7/18/22 Finally fixed up my commission page! If you want doll clothes for any of the doll sizes listed, just let me know. I'm an intermediate sewist; for difficult patterns I will try my best to give you what you want.

6/21/22 I'm opening doll clothing commissions for the summer. Images and link buttons coming soon!

6/15/22 New review! This one is for all the Nendoroid Doll collectors who are curious about using stuff from other dolls.

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