Welcome to my retro website! Party like it's 1999!

3/6/23 I'm still alive! I'm working on adding a whole new section for some old family recipes, in case anyone reading this site likes to cook. (I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.) I'm also doing some action-figure tailoring, so look for a full write-up of that when I'm done.

12/8/22 After much thought, I've decided to add my adult fiction to the site. Note that a different rating applies to that section, for obvious reasons.

11/28/22 So I'm a dude now. Also, I've added a new essay about trans people so you can educate yourself. (Plus, my ex-Catholic essay has some links that were missing before.)

11/9/22 October may be over, but the spookiness lives on with a new SKULL background! Also added a few things to my blinkies page.

10/2/22 Changed a few things up for October. Enjoy!

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