Taken By the Sidhe

Chapter 2

It was midnight. The stone Anoron had given her vibrated against Gwynydd's breast, waking her, then began to glow. Two years had passed, and it was near Beltaine. More importantly, it was finally time to meet her Sidhe friend again. Gwynydd had thought of him often since their meeting, sneaking over to Sidhe Hill to see if Anoron was there. She missed her friend terribly.

Perhaps he would want to be more--Gwynydd had dreamed about Anoron's kiss, and often before bed her hands would drift between her legs, to a place she longed for Anoron to touch. He was so handsome, so kind. Gwynydd had daydreamed many times about him taking her away to the Sidhe lands to be his bride. The young men of the village had all offered marriage to her, but she refused every one. She wanted Anoron, her secret friend, the beautiful Sidhe who haunted her every thought. But she had not told anyone so, for fear that the rumors about Morgan would start again. Gwynydd didn't ever want to break her mother's heart.

She got up as quietly as she could, dressed, and crept out the door, careful to avoid the creaky places in the floor for fear of waking her parents or her little brother, Owen. After closing the door, she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding in. Then, trembling with excitement, Gwynydd returned to Sidhe Hill.

Anoron was waiting for her there, wearing violet this time. He smiled the same kindly smile she remembered from their last meeting, the smile that had lit up Gwynydd's dreams.

"Anoron! You've returned! I knew I would see you again." Gwynydd ran to her friend and hugged him close.

Anoron had been quite taken with Gwynydd from the first time he had seen her. For a human, she was quite lovely--although he suspected she might not be merely human. By the blush on her cheek and the way she looked at him, he was fairly certain she was equally enamored with him. And she was so very like his lost love...Seeing Gwynydd again, feeling her body close to his, Anoron felt the stirrings of lust for the first time in years. He would not be able to resist this mortal girl for long, especially if she truly desired him as much as he suspected.

"Of course I have returned, sweet girl. I could not stay away from such a beauty for long." He was gratified by her blush--yes, she loved him, as he loved her. He kissed her reddened cheek.

"Two years is not a long time?" Gwynydd cried. "I have missed you terribly!"

Anoron looked stunned for a moment. "I knew time ran differently in the outside world, but...two years? For me it has been a mere month, and even that has felt too long." He pulled her closer, his long hair mingling with hers, black and silver. "Forgive me, dear heart."

Gwynydd felt something hard pressing against her hips. She shuddered slightly with desire, then looked up and kissed Anoron, this time on the lips. "I forgive you. But I want--that is..." She wanted to tell him how much she desired him, but surely it was not proper for a simple village girl to say such things to a Sidhe lord!

But it did not seem she needed to say anything at all. Anoron kissed her again, deeper this time, his arms holding her so tight, his tongue softly caressing hers. Gwynydd made a soft sound of longing.,/p>

Anoron pulled back abruptly. "Have I gone too far, dear Gwynydd?",/p>

"No," Gwynydd whispered, then trembled as he kissed her again, deeply, hungrily. "Do you want more of me?" she asked, as he pulled his lips away.

"My dear Gwynydd, I have desired none but you from the moment I saw you. But I will do nothing, unless you also desire this."

"I do, Anoron," Gwynydd's voice had become husky with need, her face flushed. "I have dreamed of little else."

Anoron removed Gwynydd's simple bodice, and her skirt, leaving her in only her chemise. The night was cool, but it did not soothe the heat that filled Gwynydd's body. She carefully pulled off Anoron's elaborate tunic, afraid to damage such soft and delicate material. His torso was lean, but hard with muscle. And his hands now caressed her body as if eager to explore every inch of her. She felt suddenly exposed, in the thin fabric of her chemise, but with her lover it was all right. As her hands caressed his back, Gwynydd hardly noticed they were moving, turning, until she tripped and fell against the slope of Sidhe Hill.

"Are you all right, love?" Concern filled the Sidhe's eyes as he bent down to her.

"Yes, Anoron, everything is fine." She pulled him down to her and kissed him again as his hands began to roam along her body again. This time, his fingers slowly glided down to her sex, teasing her skin through the shift. She moaned softly into his mouth.

Anoron gently pulled up Gwynydd's chemise, removing the final barrier to his touch. His fingers explored her bare body, slowly moving back down again to the black curls between her legs. So delicate, so soft....and intact. His eyes widened slightly in surprise. Gwynydd was a virgin.

Virginity was rare among adult elves--by the time they reached puberty, most young elves paired off with the first accessible partner, and rarely did elves mate for life--after all, they did not wish to be shackled to a single partner for eternity. But humans had different rules, and Anoron's own father had been denounced as a demon for deflowering a human girl from another land--though she had come to him willingly.

"Gwynydd, love, do your people value virginity? I do not wish to do anything that would harm you or your reputation."

"I already have a reputation for being strange--what's one more rumor? Besides, I have no desire to marry any young man from the village, so why should I remain a virgin to be their bride?"

"Yet virgin you remain," Anoron reminded her, with a gentle smile.

Gwynydd blushed. "For you, Anoron."

She wished to be his, then. Anoron resolved to make this night special for his human love, so that she might not regret her choice.

Gwynydd kissed her Sidhe lover again. He surprised her by moving away from her, until his head was level with her hips. For a moment Gwynydd wondered what he could be doing...

...then her bewilderment turned to pleasure as his tongue delved into the folds of her sex, caressing her. Gwynydd had never felt such strange pleasure, and she relished every stroke of Anoron's tongue, riding a wave of ecstasy higher and higher until she felt she would burst. Was this what lovers felt? It was better than anything she had ever imagined. Her fingers dug into Anoron's hair as she pressed her hips against his mouth, moaning softly.

Anoron continued pleasuring Gwynydd with his lips and tongue until he could not hold back any longer. Impatiently, he tore open the lacings of his breeches and plunged into his beloved at last.

So soft, so tight...he wanted to take her forcefully, with reckless abandon, but he must not hurt Gwynydd. He forced himself to slow his breathing and his thrusts, and softly caressed his lover's hair.

Gwynydd gasped at the sudden sharp pain as Anoron entered her. She was being stretched in ways she had never known before, but the pain quickly subsided as the sweet pleasure took over. She moaned with each gentle stroke, holding Anoron close to her, moving her hips to help him in deeper. It felt so good having him inside her at last, feeling the waves of ecstasy rise higher and higher within her. They built for several blissful minutes, as Anoron gently nuzzled her neck. Suddenly, Gwynydd's entire body tensed. She cried out, her body afire with new and wonderful sensations. "Ah! Anoron!"

Anoron gasped and moaned as his beloved climaxed beneath him. The muscles of her sex pulsed, tightening gloriously around him. He had held back his own orgasm, but he could stop it no longer. "Gwynnydd!" His seed pulsed into his lover's body.

"Oh, Anoron, that was incredible. Does it always feel this good?"

Anoron caressed Gwynydd's cheek. "It can, with a properly attentive lover. I was more than happy to give you the pleasure you deserve."

Gwynydd felt Anoron hardening again. "I want to make love to you again." Her hand moved down to stroke the smooth skin of his penis, slick with their mingled juices.

Anoron groaned. "Witch. You just want to milk me dry, don't you?"

Gwynydd laughed as Anoron pulled away from her hand and delved into her sweet softness again.

Chapter 3