Taken By the Sidhe

Chapter 5

It was Beltaine in the land of the Sidhe, and Lord Anoron's friends and neighbors had gathered for the feast. After dinner, the Sidhe would head into the gardens to pair off in the traditional orgy of springtime. But first, they wondered what sort of surprise Anoron would bring this year. He always did something special, and his illusionary fireworks grew grander every year.

None of them were expecting a half-elf.

As the guest of honor nervously approached the dining hall, Anoron struck his glass with a spoon, the ringing quieting the conversations at various tables. "Friends, I present to you my newest consort, Gwynydd, a half-elf from the human world."

The sound of voices began again as soon as Anoron finished speaking and Gwynydd came into view. Her gown was more ornate than anything she'd ever seen or dreamed of in her life, yet it moved with her lightly like a second skin. Silver set with sapphires glistened in her elaborately-styled hair, on her gown, around her neck and arms, and on her fingers, the unfamiliar weight somehow comforting. She could hear what was being said about her as she walked across the dining hall to Anoron's side.

"Such a pretty little thing, isn't she?"

"Anoron's outdone himself this time."

"I'd love to have her myself."

Gwynydd blushed and sat at Anoron's right hand.

"I am also delighted to announce that my sister, Aurea, has been found alive and well. After the Beltaine feast, she will choose a home and, if she so wishes, a consort." More shocked and delighted murmurs came from the crowd as Aurea entered the hall to sit at Anoron's left. She looked suspicious, and not altogether pleased to be so near the brother who had hurt her. Yet the land of the Sidhe, and the lack of her usual glamour, had made her look more radiantly beautiful than Gwynydd had ever seen her mother before.

"And now, without any further ado, the Beltaine feast!"

Servants arrived, wheeling in carts heavy with a variety of dishes. Most of them were new to Gwynydd, but she was happy to accept whatever Anoron suggested. Everything was so delicious, and the Sidhe were more than kind. She felt that she never wanted this evening to end.

Anoron took a sip of the Beltaine wine, which had been prepared with the traditional enchantments to loosen inhibitions and add to the pleasure of the orgy to follow. No mind-control magics, however--Anoron refused to have anything to do with the stuff since he saw what it had done to Aurea, and his change of heart on the matter had made his Beltaine feasts quite popular among Sidhe who despised the wooden behavior of the unconsenting.

His beloved turned to him and said, "I've never been to such a wonderful feast. How long will it last?"

"Beltaine is three days here, my love," Anoron replied. "Three days of dancing, feasting, love, and lust. All are freed of their duties save the kitchen servants, and all are welcome to partake of the feast." He noted that the mention of "love and lust" was causing Gwynydd's face to flush beautifully red. He couldn't wait to take her publicly in the garden that night, if she was willing. The blush indicated she very well might be.

Gwynydd felt warm as the feast progressed, and slightly buzzed from the wine. She was excited to see what came next after the meal; Anoron had mentioned dancing and lust, both of which piqued her curiosity. This was an overwhelming experience, but all of it lovely.

After a rich and delightful dessert, Anoron announced, "It is now time for us to gather in the garden, friends. Let us share with the gods the joys of Beltaine!"

Chapter 6