Taken By the Sidhe

Chapter 6

Gwynydd found herself swept along with the crowd into a vast and lovely garden, full of flowers of all kinds, with lovely paths in rose-colored brick. No weeds or thorns could be found anywhere. In the brick square in the center of the garden was a massive bonfire waiting to be lit.

"I light the bale-fire," Anoron announced, "that we may know the blessings of Beltaine now and throughout the year." The Sidhe crowd cheered. "Now let us all join in the skyclad dance!"

As one, the Sidhe worked the magic that divested them of any clothing they had donned for the feast, leaving only their jewels behind. Gwynydd's shock at the sudden nudity of these strange and beautiful creatures only lasted a moment before Anoron gestured down her body and her own silk gown vanished. Everyone gathered hand in hand around the bale-fire, laughing and dancing around it thrice in a ring. They chanted the traditional Beltaine chant in the language of the Sidhe, which Gwynydd did not know, but it was all right. Everything was all right. She was with her lover, dancing.

At the end of the dance, Sidhe began to slip into various parts of the garden in twos and threes, and the orgy began.

Anyone who consented was fair game in the Beltaine orgy, with one small exception. While the local lord's consort could be pleasured with hands and mouths, only the lord himself was allowed to mount them that night as the Bride of Beltaine.

Gwynydd found herself fawned over by Sidhe men, women, and a few whose gender she could not guess. Hands caressed her cheek, her hair, her breasts, and throughout it Anoron was by her side, being similarly fondled. Gwynydd was confused, but also deeply aroused. Mouths found nipples, and hands found Gwynydd's dripping-wet sex. She moaned into the mouth of another Sidhe, the pleasure making it hard to remain standing. Gwynydd held Anoron's hand as their guests lowered them gently to the ground.

What happened next was such a delicious overload of her senses with pleasure that she found it hard to tell where one touch ended and another began. Gwynydd cried out again and again in pleasure as strange tongues lapped at her wetness and strange hands stroked her body. She kissed and fondled the Sidhe around her, eager to return what was so gloriously given. Whenever she came, Sidhe tongues licked her clean. At one point, Gwynydd found a cock in her mouth and eagerly sucked on its sweetness until salty release coated her tongue. She found the taste strange, yet not unpleasant as she gladly swallowed every drop. Other hands and mouths pleasured Anoron, worhipping their Lord of Beltaine with equal fervor.

Finally, it was time. As if some unseen signal had been given, the other Sidhe ended their ministrations, pressing Gwynydd and Anoron toward each other. The half-elf had long lost any sense of impropriety by this point; all was well, all was right, all was sacred pleasure. She rolled onto Anoron, her legs eagerly spread, and her dear lover kissed her.

It was Mireth who guided Anoron's cock into Gwynydd's waiting wetness. The Lord and Bride of Beltaine moaned as they became one on their soft bed of flowers. Sidhe cheered around them before they, too, mounted each other in the glorious frenzy of the evening. Moans and cries filled the air, voices raised in a hymn of sweet lust, and Gwynydd and Anoron were merely two other voices in that chorus. Anoron rolled atop his lover, rutting into her madly, taking pleasure in her sweet little moans and the smell of sex around them.

Gwynydd wrapped her arms and legs around Anoron, squeezing him tightly with every thrust. She had lost count of how many times she had climaxed, knowing only that she desired her dear lover to spill his seed into her again and again. The sudden warmth that filled her every time coaxed even more orgasms from her willing flesh. The Lord of Beltaine claimed his Bride vigorously, keeping a rapid rhythm that matched the frenetic beating of their hearts. The enchantment of the night meant that there was no need for rest, no annoying refectory periods to wait for, only pleasure given and received in equal measure until midnight brought an end to the first night's festivities.

Sated and exhausted, couples and triads slept where they lay in the moonless garden. Anoron rolled onto his back and kissed his beloved on the forehead as she snuggled into his side and fell into the waiting arms of sleep.

Chapter 7 Coming Soon!