A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 1: First Encounter

My name is Daniel Giudice, and I am a vampire hunter with the Brotherhood of Saint Michael the Archangel. Fighting the holy crusade against the undead is difficult, dirty work, and doesn't often give me much time to socialize. It is a lonely job. But it's worth it.

I get to travel the world this way, and my travel bills are mostly paid by the Church, which is rare for someone who hasn't taken Holy Orders. I have seen many of the world's great cities, though mostly at night.

I also get the satisfaction of knowing that I am saving lives and souls through my work. Most vampires didn't want to become demonic beasts. They were once innocent victims, their souls ripped from them by these fierce predators. A few, however, choose depravity and bloodthirst over the love of God, and these are the most dangerous. They have nothing to lose, no conscience remaining to appeal to, and killing them is much harder.

By far the strangest case, however, and the one that haunts me the most, was in Spain, near Madrid.

I had just found a vampire in a dead-end alley, an easy target. His extremely aged appearance and more monstrous face told me that he had not fed in years. He was so weakened by hunger that he could barely move.

"Kill me," he said. "Please. I can't live like this anymore."

Immortality is both a blessing and a curse to the undead. Those who feed often remain young and have supernatural strength. Those who do not, either from lack of opportunity or lack of will, age and take on a bestial appearance.

This one appeared to have repented of his man-eating, but he could also be attempting to lure me closer to try and kill me. Less-experienced hunters had died that way. I stayed on my guard as I stepped closer.

"I...killed her," came the vampire's raspy voice. "My dear Cecilia..."

I almost felt sorry for the damned thing. "If you truly repent," I said, "then repeat after me. 'Deus meus, ex toto corde poenitet me...'"

To my great surprise, the vampire repeated the entire Act of Contrition. When I drove the stake into his heart, the decaying flesh gave way all too easily, and he put up no resistance. "Beware..." he whispered as he crumpled into dust.

I said a prayer for whatever remained of his soul. May God grant him peace.

But something had been nagging me. Why and how had this vampire dragged himself into an alley, where he could be easily found? What did he mean by "Beware?" Beware of what?

I heard quiet steps behind me and whirled to face my new opponent.

Another vampire, this one young and strong. Long, auburn hair flowed down a body framed by an old-fashioned gown. She walked slowly and calmly over, convinced I would be no challenge for her. I was determined to prove her wrong.

"And so the trap is sprung," she purred, her high heels clicking on the pavement. "You hunters always were fools. A prayer for one who is already damned? Ridiculous."

"I believe that God can save any who trust in Him and truly repent," I replied, ready to spring into action.

"Then you are a greater fool than he was. STOP." She put her evil power into that last word, and I suddenly couldn't move an inch. My fingers twitched slightly, but that was all.

I trusted to the crucifix around my neck and the scapular under my shirt to protect me. They had been blessed by a priest just this morning, and God's blessing was usually enough to stop even the most powerful vampire from doing His faithful any harm.

But not tonight.

She reached out, her fingernails lengthening into cruel claws, and her attack was immediately thwarted as she slashed against the air in front of me. She looked down at my chest and saw the crucifix.

"Clever boy," she said, her grin widening, "but those trinkets around your neck only protect your upper body." Was that true? I'd never heard of such a thing. Doubt was my enemy, and it had been given a way in.

She slashed through my belt and the waistband of my pants. I was unable to prevent myself from being exposed to the elements. She would doubtless go for the arteries in my thighs. I would bleed out in a few seconds, and she would gain even more strength.

I had to break her power over me. I had to stop her from killing, not just me, but the hundreds of innocents who would likely follow. But my body would not obey me.

"The spirit is willing," she taunted, "but the flesh is weak." I wanted to scream, "How dare you twist the words of Christ?" but my mouth would not move.

The vampire bent down and did something I absolutely did not expect. Her tongue snaked out to lick my inner thigh, right where the artery pulsed beneath the skin. I braced myself for the end--

--only to feel that same tongue somewhere that no one had ever dared to touch.

As I said before, there isn't much time to socialize when you are a hunter, so certain temptations rarely come up. I was a virgin. But apparently not for much longer.

That wretched tongue slithered up my shaft, and against my will I found my flesh responding. I could hardly bear the humiliation.

I closed my eyes, the one part of my body I could move. I mentally recited a prayer, trying to will my rebellious flesh back down. Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum...

I gasped as she took my member into her mouth. She heard it and laughed as she pulled back off of it.

"I see even a man of the cloth is prone to temptations of the flesh." I wasn't actually a man of the cloth, but I couldn't exactly tell her that.

She was taunting me before the end, but I couldn't begin to guess why. Maybe she just enjoyed making me suffer. I didn't want this. I absolutely did NOT--why in heaven's name must it feel so good?

The vampire rose to stand, and commanded me again. "Stand against the wall." I couldn't stop my body from shuffling, pants around my ankles, so that my back was against the grimy brick wall. I had a bad feeling about this.

She leaped up and straddled me, holding her upper body well away from the crucifix. As she mounted me, the scapular flew off me and landed on the ground. This was not good. This was absolutely terrible. I tried not to focus on her flesh, cool to the touch yet strangely erotic around my--no. Think of anything else. Anything at all. Think about--

"Tell me you want it." I don't! I don't want any of--"I want you so badly." I suddenly remembered, with horror, that I had no control of what came out of my mouth. She did.

She laughed and ground against my hips, forcing me in. I was commanded to hold up her torso, to cover the crucifix, and I was unable to stop myself from doing so. Filthy words came from her mouth and mine as she forced my hips to move in tandem with hers.

"Mmm...don't come until I command you to. Do you understand?" I didn't want to at all, anyway.

"Yes, Mistress." Stop calling her that! I desperately tried again and again to rip myself free of her spell, to push her off me, but she only laughed again at my fruitless efforts.

"You hunters are all the same. You pretend not to enjoy it, but once I loosen you up, you're quite--oh!--entertaining." She had done this before. She had humiliated other hunters like this before killing them. My hatred for her grew.

The vampire tightened around me like a vice, screaming obscenities as she reached her climax. Still she would not release me from any of her injunctions, and I was forced to keep pumping through it. It was absolute torture, the way I could feel my body wanting to come, to end this, but couldn't. Why was this exciting me? It shouldn't.

I panted from exertion and from what was happening. Why had God forsaken me? Why was I being forced to do this? Why was I enjoying it? Why was she toying with me like this?!

After several more orgasms, the cruel vampire finally looked me in the eyes and said, "COME." I screamed as my seed shot out into her waiting body, nearly collapsing from the pleasure. Only her commands that I stay against the wall were keeping me up.

It wasn't until she left the alley that she released me, and I fell, panting, to my knees. I had a sewing kit in the pocket of my duster, but those pants, like myself, would never be the same.

I picked up my scapular, which I could almost feel rejecting me. It wouldn't go around my neck. Frustrated, I crumpled it into my pocket and went to report back to my superiors.

She hadn't killed me, nor turned me. I had a sinking feeling that I knew why. My faith was failing me. My job, my calling, no longer seemed so appealing anymore.

But the worst was yet to come.

In the months that followed, every night in my dreams, the memory of what had happened in that alley tormented me. I dreamed of her freezing me in place on my bed to corrupt me further before ripping out my throat. And worst of all...

I was starting to like it.

Chapter 2