A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 2: Desecration

Six months had passed since the humiliating incident outside Madrid. I had had counseling, had prayed and confessed my sins again and again. I had been to Mass almost daily, begging God for forgiveness for what I had been forced to do. The priests insisted that I was not to blame, because I hadn't wanted to do any of it. I had not been in control of my body. But left unsaid was the question: If God was testing my faith, why had He chosen to do so in such a vulgar fashion? Why had he left me at the mercy of a daughter of Satan?

At last I was cleared to hunt again. This time, it was personal. If I ever saw that particular vampire again, I would take pleasure in sending her to Hell.

I put on my undershirt, ready again to face evil and protect the innocent. I took a deep breath and put the scapular over my head.

It stayed on.

I let out the breath I'd been holding and buttoned my shirt. Next came the crucifix and the collar. I pulled on a fresh pair of pants and fastened my belt. I placed a rosary in my pants pocket, just in case. I wasn't taking any chances. I wouldn't be attacked by that method again.

I combed my hair, which had grown long in the last few months. I tied it back and tucked the end into my shirt. A haircut could wait. I needed to get back into the field.

I donned my duster again for the first time in a while. It was autumn, now, and the weather was getting a bit chilly again. I smiled and closed the door of the hotel room.

Time to do the Lord's work.

This time, I was sent to Florence. I stood in the Piazza del Duomo, the comforting presence of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore behind me. I could almost feel divine radiance seeping into my body, warming me with the setting sun. I headed down the Via dei Servi, keeping my eyes peeled for anything suspicious. This near the cathedral, most of the buildings were old, with the traditional siena-brown roofs of Tuscany. I continued patrolling the city, making random turns, still seeing nothing. At last, with full darkness upon the city, I found myself back at the cathedral, this time in front of its elaborate marble facade. It was beautiful, peaceful in the moonlight. Then, I heard a sound, one that didn't match the peaceful autumn night. I turned.

Something was staring at me from behind the baptistry.

I drew forth a blessed oak stake and a vial of holy water.

It was her. The red-haired vampire from before, in a more modern suit. And this time, she'd brought one of her undead friends. How nice.

"I see the Vatican is still underestimating me, sending a boy to do a man's work," she jeered.

"I see you're still trying to toy with me instead of accepting the inevitable," I shot back. She would die this time, I was sure of it.

"Does he really think he has a chance?" the male vampire beside her asked.

She smirked. "He doesn't."

I charged, my stake aimed directly at her evil heart--

--and at the last second, she dodged, laughing. "STOP." That sickening power of hers again. I froze in place, right arm extended, left hand about to open the vial.

"Put those toys down and come here." I couldn't fight it this time either, though Heaven knows I tried. Tears filled my eyes as I set the stake and vial on the ground and turned--

"Ah, ah, ah. All of them." The rest of my tools joined the stake and vial, along with the crucifix, the rosary, and my scapular. I was completely defenseless as I turned again and went to stand before her.

"Kneel." I was disturbed by how quickly and easily I knelt. I couldn't even twitch my fingers this time. How had she gained such complete control?

"I imagine you have questions, hunter," she said, grinning. "I will permit you to speak."

"How did you overpower my defenses this time?" How had I fallen under her control so quickly, so completely, that there was no longer any outward sign of my struggles?

"Foolish mortal. Not only have I grown stronger, but you are clearly weaker than you were. I think you enjoyed our little encounter last time, didn't you?"

My face reddened, but I refused to answer. Instead, I asked the other question that was on my mind. "If you can do all this, then why haven't you just killed me?"

"That would be too easy, pet," she murmured. "It's much more fun to watch you squirm. Besides," she stroked my cheek in a mockery of a loving caress, "it's been a very long time since I've taken a priest as one of my thralls. You seem like a very interesting little toy to keep around."

"Go to hell!" I cried, still unable to rise from my knees.

Both vampires laughed.

"Anyway, I'm not a priest. I'm a lay brother."

"Well," she drawled, "that must be why you were such a good lay before."

"Did you really?" asked the male vampire.

"Oh, I made him beg for it." Her boasts made me blush again.

"That, I would love to see."

"Mortal." Her eyes locked with mine. She lifted her skirt. Not this again... "Lick it." Oh God. She wasn't wearing panties. She spread open her vulva, thick with fluid and topped with the same red hair.

"I refu--Mmph!" Her control was still strong. I had no choice but to service the cruel vampire with my tongue. I didn't really have any expectations about the taste, since I had nothing really to compare it to, but she didn't smell of the grave or anything like that. She must have fed earlier tonight while I was still searching the city. Again, her skin was cool against my tongue. My lips found a small flap of skin and suckled it, to the vampire's great delight. I tried again and again to stop, but just like before, I couldn't move my head away.

"You were right, Carmilla," said her companion, "this is entertaining." Carmilla? THE Carmilla? No wonder I was outclassed. I remembered reading it would take a team of hunters acting at once to take an old vampire like her down.

Carmilla herself was making obscene sounds of pleasure.

I hated this so much. Not only was I forced to do sinful things with a vampire--again--but this time in front of God's holy church. And worst of all, the taste was...not unpleasant. No. Think about anything but what you're doing, Daniel. Anything.

"Enough," Carmilla finally said. I gasped for air as she backed away. The other vampire was taking Carmilla's place in front of me. The smirk on his face as he unfastened his pants told me everything I needed to know about what he wanted. Oh no. No no no no no. I couldn't. I couldn't possibly. He was another man. This violated every precept of the Church. I absolutely would not--

"Suck it," Carmilla commanded.

"There is no way I'm--Mmgh!" Oh God. It was in my mouth. It was hard and cool and in my mouth, and I couldn't stop sucking. This was horrible. I was being made to engage in homosexual acts, and why was I getting hard? I had never been tempted in this direction before. Was this part of Carmilla's sick power? Why was my tongue sliding so eagerly over the hardness in my mouth?

"Mmm, I think someone's got some repressed desires to deal with," the male vampire said, "he's a natural cocksucker." I tried to deny it, but attempting to talk around the prick in my mouth only seemed to excite him further. I gagged as he forced it further down my throat. Then, suddenly, he pulled out.

Jets of salty, clear white fluid sprayed onto my face. Some of it had gotten into my mouth. I wanted desperately to spit it out, but Carmilla gave me a new command. Revolted by what my body was doing, I wiped the vampire's seed off with my hands and stuffed it into my mouth, swallowing as much as I could. Disgusting.

"As much fun as this is," the male vampire commented, "I should be heading back to my usual hunting grounds if I'm to make it home before dawn." He pulled my head back by the hair. "Next time, you'll be swallowing it directly," he said, before roughly shoving me away, growing a pair of massive bat wings, and flying away.

"Don't worry, Lars. I have every intention of making sure he follows through." Carmilla still hadn't released her hold on me. The pavement under my knees was starting to hurt. But other than getting back up into a kneeling position, I was unable to move at all.

"Well, hunter. I see your little soldier is standing at attention." She licked her lips. "It would be a pity for it to go to waste."

"Haven't you humiliated me enough?"

Laughing, she said, "Lie on the church steps."

I walked up to the church steps and lay across them, hating every step I took. The marble was cold against my back.

"Pull your pants down." No sooner had I done so than my erection sprang free, pointing defiantly up into the night. I had to stall her.

"How are you even here? This is hallowed ground!"

"You still underestimate my strength," she said, grinning, as she arranged her skirts and sat on the erection I was desperately trying to will back down. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, please save me from this child of Satan. Tears sprung to my eyes again. Not only was I being raped again, but it was on the very steps of a church, on hallowed ground. "And I grow very tired of hearing your voice."

There were footsteps. Thank you God. It was the archbishop himself. I cried out "Help me!" only for Carmilla to immediately order silence. I was subject to the greatest humiliation of my life, being seen by a member of the clergy in such a compromising position. But if he could help me--

"What is this? How dare you defile a sacred place with your filth! Demon, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I command you: begone!" She had to leave now. I was safe.

Massive bat wings sprung from Carmilla's back. The vampire flew away.

Carrying me in her grip. Did I say safe? I was definitely not safe.

“I meant alone!” cried the archbishop as we rose far out of reach.

She laughed. “You should have specified.”

She did not put me down. It appeared that, like my namesake, I was entering the lion’s den. Unarmed. With my dick still in a vampire.

This night couldn't possibly get any worse.

Chapter 3