A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 3: Journey

Carmilla flew us a good distance while her legs and hips still flexed and forced me inside her. She cried out her orgasm as we flew, and I am ashamed to admit that I, too, climaxed from the sensations as her arms held me close, her legs kept my hips in place, and her wings beat against the cold night air.

When we touched down, it was on the roof of an abandoned warehouse. Carmilla commanded me to pull up my pants so that I could climb down into it.

"Where are we? What are you planning?" I asked as I climbed down a ladder that had clearly been placed there deliberately. Apparently the command for silence was no longer in effect.

"We're in Naples, waiting for the ferry, and before you get any ideas, I can still control you during the day as long as I'm out of the sunlight." Her wings folded back into her back as if they never were, and she climbed down after me.

There was a filthy mattress on the floor, next to a pile of dirt. Carmilla ordered me to lie still on the mattress and remain silent before spreading out on the pile of dirt to sleep through the day.

I tried to fight the compulsion, but couldn't. Exhausted from trying to force my way out of Carmilla's spell, I fell asleep myself.

When I woke, it was dusk. Carmilla ordered me to my feet. She combed my hair and arranged my clothing so that I looked presentable, then commanded me to follow her and continue not to speak.

The ferry ride to Capri was surprisingly uneventful. Carmilla bought two tickets for the last ride of the day, and we crossed as if nothing was wrong. My inability to speak or move without permission kept me from making a scene. It didn't take long before we had reached the famous island.

Capri has been a famous destination for the rich and famous since ancient times. Its high cliffs have seen all sorts of monuments to greed come and go. But of course, first you have to get up those cliffs.

The funicular wasn't running anymore by the time we arrived, of course. Which meant climbing hundreds of stairs carved into the cliffs. At least, that's what ordinary people would have to do. Carmilla led me to a spot that was rather secluded at this time of day, then sprouted her wings again and carried me bridal-style to the top of the cliffs.

I had pictured a dark castle, its spires clawing at the sky, but of course that would stand out too much. Instead, we touched down at a perfectly normal-looking villa. The rooms we walked through could have been any jet-setter's second home, until we got to the door that led to a hidden staircase. I was pushed forward, only the compulsion on me allowing me to walk down the stairs without falling on my face. The staircase was roughly carved, but had electric wiring and lights. We descended for long enough that I was growing weak from hunger by the time we reached the bottom.

There were a half-dozen thralls and three other vampires in the brightly-lit chamber at the foot of the stairs. "Mistress!" they cried. "Lady Carmilla! You're back!" The servility and false affection in their voices disturbed me deeply.

"You've brought a man with you!" cried one of the trio of vampire women. "Is he for us?"

"No, children, this one is a future thrall. You cannot eat him," their mistress replied. So I was safe from that fate, for what little that was worth.

"Perhaps he should eat us," giggled another vampire, turning my stomach. Not that again.

"Later, dearest, later," Carmilla replied. "This one needs food before he can be any good to us." She snapped her fingers, and a young woman walked up.

"Yes, Mistress?" The thrall was wearing a simple shift, and nothing else. Out of respect, I quickly averted my eyes.

"Bring a plate of food for him, and have a bath drawn." A bath sounded, at the same time, like the greatest gift in the world, and the worst thing that could happen. Who knew what they might do to me in there? Carmilla turned to me. "Well? Don't be rude. Introduce yourself."

"My name is Daniel Michele Giudice," I said automatically, unable to stop myself. Knowing my name wouldn't change their fates. I was going to kill the vampires and set their thralls free. It would take some time to earn my freedom, but I would do it.

The thrall girl returned with a platter. On it were bread, cheese, a bit of sausage, and a bunch of red grapes.

"You may eat," Carmilla told me. I didn't need to be told twice. I fell on the food like a starving man, too hungry to even think about what might be hiding in the innocent-looking meal.

Meanwhile, Carmilla turned back to the thrall. "Strip him and take him to the baths when he is done."

I was stripped of my clothes, bathed by giggling thralls who were way too handsy, and brought back before Carmilla, who was now lounging on a velvet chaise longue. I was resentful of being manhandled, but since the compulsion on me hadn't been released, there was nothing I could do but sit there and take it.

"Much better," the vampire queen purred. "How was your bath?"

"You really do enjoy humiliating me," I growled. "I am perfectly capable of bathing myself." I tried to look intimidating, which is very difficult when you're stark naked and being forced to stand still.

"Oh, but pet, you look so much better now that you're out of those ugly black clothes and you've had a nice bath. Your skin practically glows." She reached out and stroked my flank. "I have much better clothing for you, Daniel. Look, I'll even remove my hold on you." I relaxed a bit as I felt control of my body return to me. "It's not like you can do anything in your current state anyway."

She was right. I had no weapons, no blessed items, and the thralls would doubtless guard their mistress with their very lives. I was helpless.

"Let us have fun with him, Lady," the youngest-looking of the vampires pouted. "We won't feed from him."

"What do you think, Daniel? Will you join them in their play?" Given that the vampire trio were wearing the sort of clothing you normally saw on prostitutes and the way they eyed me like a piece of meat, I knew exactly what kind of "play" they had in mind.

"I'd rather die."

"You will do what they say, and you will like it." The compulsion was back. My freedom had lasted all of twenty seconds.

This was going to be a long night.

Chapter 4