A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 4: Decadence

The three vampires looked about 18 and very beautiful, though I knew it was all a lie. Like hellebore, their beauty hid the vilest poisons. They eagerly led me to a low bed covered in soft cushions. I wanted to be literally anywhere else.

"Who gets him first?" asked the blonde.

"I should have him first," said the redhead. "I asked for him." I was being pulled back and forth like a child's doll.

The brunette grabbed my hair and tugged. Unbidden, a moan slipped from my lips. Where had that come from?

The vampires giggled like schoolgirls. "I think he likes that, Maddalena." I have never--wait. The compulsion. You will do what they say, and you will like it. She was making me enjoy it. This pleasure wasn't really mine.

"Let's see what happens when we play with his nipples," the redhead suggested. She tweaked one. I moaned again. I did not like this game, even if my body apparently did.

A hand took hold of my cock and stroked it erect. I made more shameful noises. The vampires giggled again. Another hand pulled me over to kiss the blonde, and I groaned into her mouth as Maddalena mounted me.

Meanwhile, the redhead commanded me to finger her. I found my hands teasing soft curls, delving into wetness. Worse, I found myself enjoying the way she felt on my fingers.

The next hour or so blurred together into a delirium of touching, licking, and fucking. Every touch of a cold hand to my body burned like fire. I not only serviced them, but begged for more. When they weren't using my body, the trio eagerly pleasured each other, calling out each others' names. And I came more times than I could count, overwhelmed with carnal pleasure.

Finally, Laura, Lucrezia, and Maddalena were sated. I was covered in their fluids and my own, all the good of my bath gone. "You may go," Laura (the blonde) said lazily, waving me away.

The first thing I did when I had control of my body back was vomit on the carpet. Lucrezia (the redhead) summoned a thrall to clean it up. They laughed as the first place I went was back into the bath, where I scrubbed my body as if it could remove the stain of what I had so willingly done.

I had to get the hell out of here.

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