A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 6: Thrall

My name is Daniel Michele Giudice, and I am the thrall to the great and beautiful vampire queen, Carmilla.

My eyes were opened when I drank of my Mistress's blood. I had been such a fool before, fighting against what my Mistress had to offer. She only desires that I serve Her, and that I experience pleasure. And why should I serve the mortals' God, when I have the opportunity to live with a dark goddess like Her?

These days, my usual clothing is a loose white shirt, a pair of tight leather pants, and a red vest. It looks incredibly sexy against my olive skin and long hair. I keep my hair tied back, because it is easier for the vampires to pull that way. But I am still very careful to keep it clean and glossy. I must look perfect for my Mistress.

I still occasionally have reason to dress in the clothes from my old life, when I was foolish. Posing as a priest makes it easy to lure young people from Capri, Naples and the surrounding area to my Mistress's den. People here trust priests, even if they are not wearing a crucifix. Drinking their blood keeps my Mistress and Her daughters young and beautiful, and it makes them so happy. I love when my Mistress is happy.

I help clean the Mistress's den and prepare the food for myself and the other thralls. I love being useful and helping keep Her den running.

When I am a very good thrall, my Mistress gives me pleasure, with one of the thralls, or Herself, or Her daughters. We fuck for hours, pleasuring each other in my Mistress's sight for Her entertainment. Sometimes because I am so pretty, She allows me the honor of servicing the other vampires who come to visit. Lars was here the other day, and he was very pleased with how eagerly I drank his seed and how good I was to fuck. I train my ass every day to make sure it can handle any partner I have. It feels so good to be useful and to make my Mistress and Her visitors happy.

Most of all, I love my dear Mistress, and I will always serve Her. She has said that if I continue to be such a good thrall, She will turn me so that I can serve Her as a vampire for all eternity.

I can hardly wait.
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