A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 7: Order

From the files of the Brotherhood of St. Michael the Archangel

Daniel Michele Giudice

Born Oct. 4, 1961.


Baptised Oct. 7, 1961.

Orphaned in a car accident Jan. 7, 1966. Raised in Church-run orphanage outside of ----------.

Confirmed May 5, 1974.

Despite his hardships, Daniel has remarkably strong faith and is an excellent candidate for the Brotherhood. He desires only that he may prevent further tragedies from befalling the faithful.

INDUCTED Sept. 1, 1980


March 10, 1984

Daniel Giudice's mission to Madrid a partial success. Several undead vanquished; one penitent. Daniel reports being temporarily controlled and violated by an undead woman with long red hair. Daniel is clearly very troubled by the incident and warrants observation.

March 15, 1984

Daniel Giudice reports nightmares about the vampire who attacked him on the 9th of this month. Fears a second attack. Has been reassured that the headquarters, like the rest of the Vatican, is holy ground and cannot be breached. Recommend continued counseling and removal from active duty.

Sept 9, 1984

Daniel appears to have recuperated from March 9 incident. Interviews (attached) show that he is of sound mind and firm faith. Cleared for duty.

Sept 17, 1984

Troubling incident reported in Florence. Archbishop P---------, having had disquieting dreams, was walking the grounds of the cathedral when he witnessed Daniel Giudice in the act of fornication with a vampire. Daniel appeared to be a reluctant victim of the demon's wiles, but did not fight back. When Archbishop P---------- banished the vampire, it carried Giudice away. Giudice's personal effects, along with three oak stakes, three vials holy water, and one silver knife issued by the Brotherhood, were found near the baptistry. Desecrated cathedral grounds re-consecrated before morning Mass. Whereabouts of Daniel Giudice and undead abductor unknown.

June 5, 1987

Priest matching the description of Daniel M. Giudice sighted in Naples. 3 members of the Brotherhood dispatched to Naples to determine how deeply Giudice has been compromised.

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