A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 8: Capture

"Daniel, darling, I have a task for you," Carmilla said.

I stopped licking Her wonderful cunt for a moment. "You know I am happy to serve you in any way You desire, Mistress."

"Good boy," She replied. She patted my head. "Bruno and Friede have reported the Church's dogs are sniffing about the area. Do be a dear and take care of them for me, won't you?"

"It is as good as done." I smiled as I dressed. I hadn't seen any of the Brotherhood since before, when I was foolish. Perhaps I could convince them of the pleasures the Mistress had to offer. If not, then I would kill them.

I found one of them in Acerra, a woman with jet-black hair and steel-gray eyes. This was perfect. I was, after all, quite well-versed in the art of pleasuring a woman. She would be easy to convince of the rightness of joining the Mistress's thralls.

Best of all, she didn't see me coming at all.

I quickly came at her from behind, covering her mouth and dragging her into the alley. It was so much fun seeing her struggle, remembering how I, too, had foolishly resisted the pleasure of fucking and being fucked.

I finally managed to pin her against the alley wall with my body. I ground my cock against her through our clothing and she tried to scream, so I tore a strip from her long, loose skirt and made a gag. It wasn't easy, especially with her kicking at me. My knife made some gashes in her legs. I almost wanted to taste her blood, but it wouldn't do anything for me as I am now.

She was strong, but not strong enough. I pulled up her torn skirt to reveal my prize. She was wearing pantyhose, with a pair of simple white panties beneath. I had gotten used to my partners going bare under their skirts. Oh well, it was quite simple to rip the hose and pull the panties out of my way. She struggled more at that, making muffled sounds against the gag. I laughed.

"You'll get what you need, pretty one. Look," and I unzipped the leather pants I was wearing. My cock was already rock-hard in anticipation. I stroked her for a minute to get her wet so I could slide in.

She was so tight, I couldn't resist forcing it all in at once. Her muffled cries told me that she needed this too. She was still struggling, though. No matter. I simply needed to hold her steady and keep going. I found her clit to give her pleasure so she could see my offer was genuine. She made more muffled sounds at that. I wished I could remove the gag, but I didn't want to risk being heard. A pity. She sounded like she would have made the most beautiful moans.

As her breaths grew faster and sharper, I felt my own orgasm approaching. And that was when everything went wrong.

It seems I wasn't quiet enough.

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