A Vampire Hunter's Corruption

Chapter 9: Confinement

June 23, 1987

Daniel M. Giudice attacked and raped our sister, Agnes Rhodes. Both of the assigned brothers were required to tear him away from her. Rhodes had been gagged, apparently with a strip cut from her skirt. Giudice had a knife with a jeweled handle, as seen in the attached photograph. After being disarmed, he was bound and brought back to headquarters. Rhodes is currently in counselling.

Upon examination, Daniel was found to have several odd bruises on his body, and an obscene item in his anus, which was removed. When the brothers did so, he complained loudly about his mistress’s orders. The brothers also cut his hair properly short. He insisted his mistress wanted it long. Vampiric enthrallment is a strong possibility.

Interview with Daniel M. Giudice, June 25, 1987

Daniel: Let me go! Let me go! Why won't you let me go?
Fr. Xavier: Your name is Daniel Michele Giudice, correct?
D: Yes. Please, I need to get back to my Mistress.
X: Whom do you serve?
D: The glorious Lady Carmilla, strongest and most beautiful vampire in all of--
X: What of your service to God?
D: XXXX your God. I serve a goddess of pleasure.
(Father Xavier makes the Sign of the Cross.)
D: You priests are always so uptight. Let me XXXX your XXXX. A good XXXXXXX should help you relax.
X: I am a man of God!
D: And I have experienced pleasure beyond your imagining. My Mistress--
X: Is a servant of the Devil. We only want to free you from your life of sin.
D: Free me from this room then. Untie me. Let me go back to my true calling.
X: As a hunter?
D: As a servant of Lady Carmilla. (notices transcriber at typewriter) Is he recording everything I say?
X: Yes. We keep files of all our interviews.
D: Then tell everyone who reads it that my Lady Carmilla waits with open arms for them. And open legs, too! Her XXXX is the sweetest--
(At this point, Daniel is gagged and removed from the room.)

July 7, 1987

Exorcism attempted on Daniel Giudice. Broken crucifix reported. The Devil's hold on this one is strong, but it is still the belief of the Brotherhood that he can be saved. Giudice asked the priest to hurt him again because he loves the pain.

July 19, 1987

Daniel Giudice found manipulating himself when breakfast was brought in by Sister Sofia. Upon seeing her, Giudice made obscene remarks and continued to manipulate himself. Recommend the use of a straitjacket to break him of this sinful habit.

August 9, 1987

Daniel Giudice has escaped. Reports of a young nun wheeling him off premises. All personnel to be interrogated and security tightened around headquarters. Any leads on whereabouts of Giudice or the false nun are to be investigated immediately.

I had never been so happy to see my fellow thrall Stella in my life. She was wearing a nun's habit, but I knew her right away. She had a folded wheelchair, like the kinds you see in hospitals, and she wheeled me away, straitjacket and all, for my "morning constitutional." I can't believe it fucking worked. The Brotherhood is all too trusting.

As we made it to a quiet alley where we could shed our disguises, Stella and I conversed, quietly.

"What was it like in there? Were you able to kill any of the hunters?" she asked as she pulled the habit up over her body. There was a strangled woman in the alley, in her underwear. Stella must have taken the habit from her.

"It was torture. I managed to fuck one of the women, and I thought I might convince her to see our side, but I was taken away and locked in a cell. They cut my hair off, can you believe it?" I held still as Stella carefully unbuckled the straitjacket's straps, one at a time.

"I saw," she said. "You had such beautiful long hair. But it will grow back." Zip. I was finally free of that awful, confining thing.

"I offered one of the priests a blowjob, and made sure they recorded an invitation to the Mistress's service in their records. I don't think I convinced anyone of our cause, though."

"We'll have to get rid of the straitjacket, unless you want me to take it with us for play."

"Burn the fucking thing. I only had to wear it because I was locked up with no one to fuck, and I got so pent-up I had to take care of myself. I was stroking myself off when this nun shows up. She was staring at my cock, so I told her it would feel glorious in her ass. The stuck-up prude screamed and the next thing I knew, they had me bound so I couldn't take care of myself anymore." We reached a car that Stella had hotwired earlier. I climbed in and she started it up. We were on our way back home to Capri.

I have never been so happy to take off those dreary black clothes and put my proper clothes on again, and put my new plug in. I was home, where I belonged, with my Mistress. Speaking of which...

"I'm so sorry, Mistress." I got on my knees, to show Her how truly sorry I was. "I failed to convert or kill any of the hunters. And I was taken. Thank you so much for sending Stella to rescue me, Mistress."

Lady Carmilla was quick to correct me with Her scourge. I pulled my pants back down so She could raise welts on my ass. It stings to be corrected, but I enjoy the pain because it means I am learning to be a better thrall for my Mistress.

"If I'd left you in their hands, they could have used you to find me," She pointed out. Whack! "If Stella hadn't been able to rescue you, I would have had to order you to kill yourself." Whack! "It would have been a waste of one of my best thralls in centuries."

"I could tell you about the interrogation," I offered. "I made one of their priests squirm."

Lady Carmilla laughed, setting the scourge aside. "Do tell me more."


Today, Mistress gave me a beautiful new collar. It is black leather with a special plaque attached that says "Property of Carmilla." Mistress plans to show me off at the next gathering, and I am so happy to have a special sign that I am hers.

Oh, and there is excellent news! Friede got pregnant while I was gone! We don't know which thrall is the father, but it doesn't matter. We are about to have a new child to raise as part of the next generation of thralls for my glorious Mistress. I'm going to feed the baby the Mistress's blood myself, so it never has to know a life without the awareness of Mistress's love.

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