3/6/23 I'm still alive! I'm working on adding a whole new section for some old family recipes, in case anyone reading this site likes to cook. (I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.) I'm also doing some action-figure tailoring, so look for a full write-up of that when I'm done.

12/8/22 After much thought, I've decided to add my adult fiction to the site. Note that a different rating applies to that section, for obvious reasons.

11/28/22 So I'm a dude now. Also, I've added a new essay about trans people so you can educate yourself. (Plus, my ex-Catholic essay has some links that were missing before.)

11/9/22 October may be over, but the spookiness lives on with a new SKULL background! Also added a few things to my blinkies page.

10/2/22 Changed a few things up for October. Enjoy!

9/28/22 Added some more song lyrics, old and new. Debating changing my divider.

9/24/22 New review up: Bedlam's Bard.

8/8/22 Summer vacation is almost over! I celebrated by adding another story to the Original Fiction archive. I've also added a bunch more links to the Links page. Why not check them out?

7/18/22 Finally fixed up my commission page! If you want doll clothes for any of the doll sizes listed, just let me know. I'm an intermediate sewist; for difficult patterns I will try my best to give you what you want.

6/21/22 I'm opening doll clothing commissions for the summer. Images and link buttons coming soon!

6/15/22 New review! This one is for all the Nendoroid Doll collectors who are curious about using stuff from other dolls.

5/28/22 Added an "Essays" section. I'm slowly transferring over some of my old essays from LJ and Dreamwidth.

5/26/22 Put all the blinkies on their own page. All hail the dancing crab!

5/24/22 Playing with CSS. The site may not do what I want for a bit.

5/17/22 Added more reviews, so the site isn't quite so bare.

5/15/22 Added a review of the Nendoroid White Rabbit. Photos coming in a few hours.

5/14/22 Everything should link to something else correctly now. There are a few "orphan pages" that nothing links to at the moment, but I'm working on fixing that.
If you have any tips for stuff to add, let me know. (Currently, hardly anyone should be seeing this site without some means of contacting me, but just in case, my social media links are on the "Links" page.)