Blinkies And Such

Now they all have a home. Most of these are from OMFG but a few I made myself with templates from Websites By Lynn, Graphic Makers, Blinkies Cafe, and A couple are from Wandering-Girl.


You can't ban abortion.  You can only ban safe abortions. Ancient Internet Creature This site is anti-hate Destroy white supremacy but first, tea. I only wear black on days that end in Y. Decolonize! gone dollin' Firefox user I'll never die metalhead morning person I refuse to grow up--by Wandering-Girl There is no Planet B Anti-TERF Pro-Trans Born Again Pagan I love unsweetened tea Rescue dogs are best Lost my youth, if found please return Movie blinkies: The Princess Bride Rocky Horror Picture Show Weird Al Stop Internet censorship Created with Notepad Read Black academics Reject conspiracy theories Self-expression is not a crime--by Wandering-Girl Splatoon Fan Tamagotchi! I am a teacher Terminally online Vaccinated Trans men unite! I rejected my mortal flesh

Dividers I've made

Feel free to use them! Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Silly things I've made

Discord Emoji--Free to use!