My Essays

Where I state my opinions about things. As of May 2022, most of this stuff has been copied over from where I originally posted it on other sites.

About Antis (CW: mentions CSA and pornography)

Asking Is Hard (About consent.)

Bess Can't Go There (CW: pornography mention)

About Cable TV

How Tax Brackets Work (the last table is kinda broken--copy/paste it into Word or another similar program and you should be able to read it just fine)

Why I'm No Longer Catholic (I may be a bit bitter)

On Self-Reliance

How To De-Stain Nendoroid Dolls

The One About Abortion (Also featuring pictures of ice cream)

Spirograph (CW: rude images)

Reflections of Sailor Moon (Does this count as a mini-shrine?)

Transgender Facts

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