Broken Mirror

Some days I can't keep myself together,
Some days it feels like I'm falling apart,
Some days are worse, and some days are better,
I wanna be a better person but don't know where to start.

See my picture in a broken mirror,
The jagged edges make it so much clearer,
I'm not quite what I was, I don't know what I'll be,
But when I put the pieces together, I almost feel like me.

Some people seem like they've got it together,
Some people make life look like a breeze,
Sometimes I wonder, does this all matter,
How can I be myself when I'm coming apart at the seams?


Repeat Verse 1

Well, I'm pulling the needle through,
And it feels like I almost know what to do, (and then)
Another stitch comes loose.
I want your help but I don't know what to tell you.


(Well I) Took a bat to that broken mirror,
Fractal images reflecting in a web,
And though my picture isn't much clearer,
I'll keep on trying until the day I'm dead.

(Yes I) See my picture in a broken mirror
The jagged edges make it so much clearer,
After all I've seen and all I've been through,
I'm still here, but could you be a broken mirror too?