Creeping horror drags you deeper down,
In your mental torment you will drown.
In the pale and flickering light you see
Flashes of Somethign that should not be.

Ref. In the depths He dreams
Where no sunlight gleams.
When the stars align,
He'll kill humankind.

A tiny fragment of its knowledge spilled
Into your brain and now it's overfilled.
No more quiet, peaceful ignorance--
Nothing you once knew makes any sense.


Fish-faced town and cultists with strange twins
Begging for a new age to begin.
Dead gods rising you now celebrate.
Ia! Ia! Yog-Sothoth is the gate!


Not all those are dead Who sleeping lie,
With strange eons, even death may die.
From R'lyeh His mighty form will burst.
Will you be the one who's eaten first?