Ctrl+Alt+Del (Reboot)

Feels like I'm coming apart at the seams,
They lulled us to sleep with an American Dream,
And if we all worked hard it might come true.
They've got us all working these 12-hour days,
Keeping us all in an exhausted haze,
"Just hustle hard and you might be a millionaire too."

Ref All I want is some control of my life,
An alternative to the stress and the strife,
Tear it all down and start over again with you.
Delete all this foolishness, starting again with you.

While we're all slaving for pie in the sky,
The wealth trickles up leaving us high and dry,
It's a pyramid scheme, and I know I've been suckered too.
Every day they keep telling the lie,
Trying to pull the wool over our eyes,
If we all stopped playing along, then what would they do?


Bridge Do you want the freedom to feel more alive?
The freedom to say 2 + 3 = 5?
Stop licking their boots and reboot.

Ref 2x

If we could reboot, I'd start over again with you.